Avengers: Infinity War… a Fantastic surprise?



When THIS happened, many thought it was a minor chance, and a possibility, but Fantastic Four might really be referenced in Avengers: Infinity War… why so?

  1. Fantastic Four aren’t Fox’s propierty, but Constantin. Fox only had the distribution rights for the films Constantin would produce on the characters the german production company… so Marvel never did have to wait to talk with Fox to get them, for starters. They needed to talk with Constantin. Which would not have raised any big media attention at any point, so it could have been done months or even years ago… more exactly…
  2. When “Fant4stic” bombed so horribly, the credit of Constantin to fund a Fantastic Four movie was over for enough time to let the contract expire without an obliged new production rolling. It was too late for a 4th reboot that would demand a huge, bigger budget that Constantin wouldn’t be able to fund on its own without seriously facing bankrupt if anything would failed again, and there was no reason to think it wouldn’t, given their track record. They were completely forced by need, to reach a deal with Marvel, and fast.
  3. Because Marvel’s contract with the studios that bought their heroes and villains, clearly stated they couldn’t resell to other studio, but to Marvel. Fox could not get their hands on the First Family, nor Doom, nor Silver Surfer, nor Galactus… while technically, it was said that Fox was allowed to change Negasonic Teenage Mutant Warhead’s powers for “Deadpool”, in exchange for Ego and the Skrulls, when you think twice about it, it really does not make sense at all… it really sounds like bullshit. So, for changing a completely obscure character’s powers, they actually gave two of the biggest villains? It sounds more like Marvel did not mind a change that had no effect on comics continuity – they could just retcon/expand her powers, as they did with Mystique’s looks in the comic books, after the first X-Men film was released – but that the Constantin deal with Marvel was already done and under huge secrecy.
  4. There’s the now legendary tweet, actual meaning and exact words. “That’s a FANTASTIC idea!img_8278-689x1024[1]. Done”. “FANTASTIC” in capital letters…  Not exactly subtle, and difficult to think Marvel ignored the implications of that tweet, for fans. Yes, it could have been done to just have people discussing in the internet and launch and even bigger expectation on the film itself, however, think twice of the misfire if people is disappointed on April 27th and there’s nothing related to the “Fantastic Four”, “Silver Surfer” and “Galactus” in the actual film.
  5. Metacritic is a serious webpage, the actual reference to follow the quality of the films reviewed by serious critics… the fact they updated the film’s cast with Silver Surfer would be either a hack – for which Metacritic hasn’t apologized, corrected or explained – or an official submission by Marvel (that may have happened by mistake or on purpouse as a foreshadowing of the actual shocker that may lead into “Avengers 4”. Which, by the way, it would be a self-explanatory title.

To summarize, even being possible and even likely it won’t happen, there are enough signs and foreshadowing to “smell” there’ll be a “fantastic” or at least “silvery” surprise coming on April 27th. And that Avengers 4 may be a mix of “Secret Invasion” and the storyline where Galactus ate the Skrulls planet, courtesy of the Fantastic Four (indirectly)

Top 5 things I learned from 2017’s Oscars.

  1. Qiu-Ju[1]When in doubt, always go with the less divisive, most widely supported – branch wise – film. 13 nominations, including 3 acting ones, did indicate “The Shape of Water” maybe wasn’t a #1 pic, but it was going to be flooded with #2 to #4 places. Probably “Get Out” was its main competition and “Three Billboards” never had a chance due to the passionate hate the film – deservingly – collected. I mean, you only needed to think twice to understand the film’s huge flaws.
  2.  Not enough people have seen Zhang Yimou’s “Qiu Ju: A Chinese Woman”, which is the obvious blueprint for “Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri”. Frances McDormand wouldn’t have won, if people would have noticed the similarities between both films and the extremely different approach Gong Li took on a similar character, with a richer story arc – McDormand’s is lacking that – and without the need of ever delivering an “Oscar clip”, always favoring the flow of the narrative and then realistic feel. I am worried for the state of film criticism, in 2018.
  3. Octavia Spencer is the new Thelma Ritter. Not only she’s been nominated three times and won one, but it could be argued that, had not Tilda Swinton competed for a supporting actress nomination in “Snowpiercer”, she could have also attempted to get that nom, too. She’s extremely likeable on and out of the screen, and we haven’t seen her for the last time in the noms and probably will win a second and even a third before she retires. Lesley Manville will be back, the moment she earns another candy role in a Best Picture nominee… but next time she’s given a chance, “Phantom Thread”‘s Vicky Krieps is not only getting a nom.
  4. I love Frances McDormand’s speech, and I love her as an actress. Despite I think she shouldn’t have been even nominated, I am certain, as long as people remember what she did on stage, she’ll be winning a third, and even a fourth.
  5. Guillermo del Toro is NOT going to follow Peter Jackson’s Oscar obsession. He is happy with two awards that he never intended to win – The Shape of Water isn’t Oscar material, at all, from the get-go – and will probably continue his way of constructing his career with love to fantastique and his personal obsessions. That’s why his victory is double important… it broke many Oscar taboos, including sci-fi, monster films, even interspecies relationships. It’s not a masterpiece but it’s a must see, anyways, and a deserving winner (even if it was my 4th pick, out of the nominees, after Get Out, Phantom Thread and Call me by your name)

Final Oscar Bets.

Picture: Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri (alt. Get Out) WRONG: THE SHAPE OF WATER WON in what it always was a 3-way race.

Director: Guillermo del Toro, The Shape of Water (alt. Jordan Peele, Get Out)

Actress: Frances McDormand, Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri (alt. Sally Hawkins, The Shape of Water)

Actor: Gary Oldman, Darkest Hour (alt. Daniel Kaluuya, Get Out or Timotheé Chalamet, Call me by your name)

Supporting Actress: Allison Janney, I, Tonya (alt. Laurie Metcalf, Lady Bird)

Supporting Actor: Sam Rockwell, Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri (alt. Willem Dafoe, The Florida Project)

Original Screenplay: Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri (alt. Get Out or Lady Bird)

Adapted Screenplay: Call me by your name (alt. Logan)

Animated Feature: Coco (alt. Loving Vincent)

Foreign Film: A Fantastic Woman (alt. The Square)

Score: The Shape of Water (alt. Phantom Thread)

Song: This is me, The Greatest Showman (alt. Remember Me, Coco)

Cinematography: Blade Runner 2049 (alt. The Shape of Water)

Production Design: The Shape of Water (alt. Blade Runner 2049)

Costume: Phantom Thread (alt. The Shape of Water)

Film Editing: Dunkirk (alt. Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri)

Sound Mixing: Dunkirk (alt. Baby Driver)

Sound Editing: Dunkirk (alt. Baby Driver)

Visual Effects: War of the Planets of the Apes (alt. Blade Runner 2049)

Make Up: Darkest Hour (alt. Wonder)

Documentary Feature: Faces, places (alt. Icarus)